End Of Life Care

End of life care at home, in familiar surroundings with the people you love.

Experience Care And Comfort At The End Of Life with dignity and respect

People who are nearing the end of their life and those who require palliative care due to a life-limiting illness may want to remain at home for the final days of their lives. That’s where we can come in, to help those who wish to spend the last moments of the lives at home.

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What is involved?

End of life care involves treatment, care and support for people who are nearing the end of their life. It’s an important part of palliative care.

Help with medication and pain management

Toileting and continence care

Treating your loved one with respect and dignity, making sure they feel safe an comfortable during this time

What does end-of-life care include?

Palliative care is treatment, care and support for people with a life-limiting illness, and their family and friends. It’s sometimes called ‘supportive care

Respite for family members

We have trained professionals who will assist you every step of the way including suggesting services that may be relevant to your individual circumstances

Your Wishes Respected

End of life care will be carefully tailored to support your loved one live their best life possible with utmost dignity, respect and privacy.

Integration & Teamwork

We regularly work alongside continuing healthcare teams, district nurses, hospices and other local support groups to offer the right level of home care.

Quick & Responsive

We understand that you may need help at a moment's notice therefore we are set up top be able to be there when need providing fast-track palliative care at the last minute.


There for you wether you need care for a few days or a more long term basis. Solutions for 24 hour carer, waking night support or sleeping night

Got a question about our end of life care service?

It is not always the case that your loved one has to leave home if they are nearing end of life or have a terminal condition. If you think you need end of life care or have any other questions, please get in touch with us today!